First consultation

Please arrange your first appointment by phone at +43 (1) 214 21 27

We ask you to take your e-card for billing with the health insurance company at each visit.

Private patients receive an invoice after treatment, they can submit it to your insurance / private medical insurance.

Your first appointment will begin by answering a questionnaire, which falls under the medical confidentiality.

Then, X-rays can be performed.

The first diagnosis is completed with a clinical study.

We explain your dental situation inform you about possible treatment options. We will discuss your special concerns and wishes. You opt for a treatment solution and treatment appointments can be arranged.

Acute problems (pain) can be treated immediately.

After you have chosen a type of treatment we will solve your dental problems in further appointments.

In complex cases we recommend specialists like orthodontics, oral surgions, physiotherapists, osteopaths.

To maintain your oral health we recommend individual control and prophylaxis intervals.