Amalgam removal

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive substance, although many of us have amalgam fillings in the mouth.These contain about 50% of heavy metals.

A clear relationship with chronic disease has not been established so far. This can be explained partly from the diffuse symptoms of mercury poisoning, such as headache, agitation or gastrointestinal complaints.

Mercury is acute toxic in dissolved form, like when placing or removing amalgam fillings. Therefore we take extra care and use a special suction cup and thoroughly rinsing when we remove amalgam fillings.

Subsequently, a detoxication of the heavy metals from the body is recommended.

For this purpose, various orthomolecular medications are available.

Alternatives to amalgam fillings

We use high quality composit of the latest generation. We use high-quality composite of the last generation, which has a particularly high strength by adding ceramic particles. In addition, the material is colored and, if necessary, adapted in several layers to your tooth color.

As a cost-effective option, we use high quality, reinforced glass ionomer cements. These give off fluoride ions and demonstrated in studies a potential caries protective effect. Children especially love our colorful variants!