Digital impression

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With a high-precision digital scanner, we can easily take an impression of your teeth without the need for an uncomfortable impression tray.

Procedure of a digital impression:

  1. Initial consultation and planning
    We create an optical scan of your jaw after preparing your teeth
  2. The computer immediately creates a lifelike 3D model of your teeth.
  3. We design your ceramic crown(s), ceramic inlay(s) with a special computer program.
  4. Fabrication of the restoration in our office, or in more complex cases in our neighboring dental laboratory.
  5. Placement of the ceramic restorations a few days later. In certain cases, the ceramic restorations can be placed even on the same day, a few hours later.

Thanks to the cooperation in our office with Dr. Verena Widhalm, it is possible to correct light to medium malocclusions with transparent splints. The “scan” of your teeth is used for the digital planning.

Likewise, the digital scan in combination with a 3D X-ray is helpful to place dental implants accurately.

We look forward to your visit!

Dr. Lukas Rudolf

23 Aug, 21