It is particularly important for us that you feel comfortable and full of confidence to tell us your wishes and fears.

Dentistry means both a splendid smile, as well as health and quality of life.

We would like to inform you about our comprehensive range of services and present you some of our specialties.

After a detailed talk, a comprehensive diagnosis and an individual consultation we will find for you the medically necessary and appropriate treatment.

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Teeth, mouth and jaw are part of the human skeleton and constantly interact with many other areas of the body. We take these interactions into account in your diagnosis and therapy. We also use complementary methods for this purpose.

  • Heavy metal elimination after amalgam removal / amalgam rehabilitation
  • Applied Kinesiology AK (additional training by Dr. Christine Rudolf)
  • grinding splint / temporomandibular joint relief splint
  • Homeopathy
  • Metal-free restoration with ceramic inlays, crowns / ceramic implants
  • The cooperation of different medical fields is important to us. Should it be necessary, we as a dentist additionally recommend doctors and therapists of other specialties in Vienna.
Beratung bezüglich Knirscherschiene

It is our concern to restore the masticatory system in the best possible way, following the example of nature. Our goal is to enable a harmonious and beautiful smile in the long term, according to functional aspects. As examples we mention here:

  • All-ceramic restorations (inlays, crowns, bridges, veneers)
  • Tooth-colored, invisible fillings made of high-ceramic composite (so-called Ormocer)
  • Tooth whitening (bleaching) using gentle procedures
  • Tooth position correction with transparent splints
  • For the correction of larger tooth misalignments we cooperate with trained specialists in Vienna – orthodontists.
Vollkeramik Kronen

Dental implants are tooth roots made of biologically compatible titanium or ceramics, which can firmly replace lost teeth in the long term. This requires surgery, which is routinely performed in our office according to the current state of science. A digital volume tomograph enables gentle and precise implantation. Depending on the case, ceramic restorations can be made directly in our in-house ceramic laboratory and in cooperation with a neighboring dental laboratory in order to provide a quick and high-quality restoration. Even in the case of complete tooth loss, a total restoration is possible with 4 implants.

We will be happy to advise you.

Oberkiefer Totalversorgung auf 4 Implantaten

We strive to preserve teeth in the best possible way, following nature’s example. In the case of severely damaged teeth, this is usually possible with ceramic inlays, overlays or ceramic crowns. Should root canal treatment be necessary in cases of severe pain or inflammation, we offer modern procedures. In certain cases, a revision of an old root canal treatment is possible for inflamed teeth. To maximize the success of treatment, we use optical magnification (magnifying glasses). In complex cases, however, we refer to specialists in root canal treatment (so-called endodontists), where root canal treatment is performed under a microscope.

Our recommendation is a personal consultation in our office in Vienna.

Zahnerhalt durch moderne Behandlungsmethoden

Health begins in the mouth.

Stubborn plaque or deep gum pockets remain hidden even from the most conscientious oral hygiene. That is why there is professional teeth cleaning, also called oral hygiene. The interval depends on individual factors and is determined after a check-up.

We offer:

Die Politur nach einer Mundhygiene sorgt für samtig glatte Zähne


Digital impression

With a high-precision digital scanner, we can easily take an impression of your teeth without the need for an uncomfortable impression tray.

Patient case: ceramic crowns

Patient case: complete restoration with ceramic crowns The patient came to our office with the wish for an esthetic improvement of her front teeth.

Ceramic implants: metal free

To replace teeth metal-free / titanium-free, you can also get ceramic implants on request. A ceramic implant is made of zirconium oxide, a high-strength ceramic, which is also used for dental crowns.