Ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns are necessary when a tooth is destroyed or weakened by a large cavity from caries, trauma or root canal treatment.

Both appearance and function of the tooth can be restored with this individual precision work.

The durability, virtually invisible aesthetics and a natural chew of a ceramic crown is made possible through collaboration with a specialized dental laboratory in Vienna.

Modern ceramic crowns (zirconia, lithium disilicate u.v.m) have replaced old metal-based dental crowns in most cases. These are however still used in a partial prothesis.

Which ceramic is used in which tooth, is individually. Widespread decayed teeth are “rescued” with a high-strength ceramic (zirconium oxide as a bottom cap layer). On teeth that must endure less stress, however, aesthetically perfect all-ceramic crowns or even a very thin veneers (see Veneers) are used.

keramische Versorgungen